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Gyro Delta Kites

 Gyro Delta Kites by Premier

The size of Gyro Delta Kites by Premier are 58“ by 44"

Gyro Delta Kites by Premier is made with Ripstop and has a fiberglass frame. The Delta T Kites by Premier ,  Includes 300ft of 50lb test line and 'D' winder as well as a 6" by 31" spin sock. Delta T Kites by  the kite of choice for many experienced kite flyersGyro Delta Kites by Premier are easy to fly and have the ability to stay aloft in a broad range of wind conditions. Gyro Delta Kites by Premier are perfect to make each customer’s flying experience unique..  I love the tail on  Gyro Delta Kites by Premier  !!! Reserve (ORDER) your Gyro Delta Kites by Premier  from Canastota Gift Shop, NOW !!! We are proud to feature Gyro Delta Kites by Premieras "The Best of Canastota Gift Shop"